Tax Advantaged Income

rollsCurrently, nothing seems more difficult than receiving a dependable stream of tax- advantaged income. Low interest rates, high taxes, and market volatility are a few of the many challenges facing today’s investors who are looking for income.

At Mutual Trust, we believe that if your livelihood depends upon your income, then your income should be both consistent and dependable. Mutual Trust is an independent investment firm. We do not have proprietary products or quotas, and we only let experienced investment professionals handle your accounts. Our recommendations are as different and diverse as the needs of our investors. Our experience, professionalism, and ability to access a broad range of financial products and services set us apart in the field of financial services. At Mutual Trust, we feel no two investors are alike and no two portfolios should be either.

Investors looking for income, in a low interest environment, face many challenges. We believe that Mutual Trust is uniquely qualified to help investors overcome these challenges by providing a diverse offering of professionally selected income producing investments. We feel you will be hard pressed to find other financial professionals offering the rich diversity of income producing investments that Mutual Trust clients are provided. Our experience is extensive, and we have never required taxpayer bailouts or government assistance. If you are looking for expert advice about income, then you need to call the income experts today.

We are Members of SIPC. Securities in your account protected up to $500,000. For details, please see Hilltop also carries additional account insurance for details please contact us at 727-799-9922. Our accounts are federally protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), an agency of the United States government. They are held at Hilltop Securities. Hilltop Holdings Inc. is ranked No. 5 nationally in the recent “Forbes Best banks” listing of the Top 100 largest publicly traded banks and thrifts.

For more than 36 years, Mutual Trust has helped investors achieve their financial goals. No matter how challenging market conditions may be, Mutual Trust has a solution. Our single purpose is to help you successfully achieve your financial goals.

If you like shopping at national discount department stores that cater to everyone while pleasing no one, then online and national brokerages are the place you want to take your money. If, however, you are looking for individualized personal attention, then you want to do business with Mutual Trust.

Call us at (727) 799-9922.

Call us at (727) 799-9922.